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It is of great fascination for fans of the World of Greyhawk to read tales from its basis, the home OD&D (Original Dungeons & Dragons) campaign of Gary Gygax. This is also true of the home OD&D campaigns of Dave Arneson and Ed Greenwood, respectively the bases of the First Fantasy Campaign (Blackmoor) and the Forgotten Realms.

As for the Dragonlance Saga, however, Tracy Hickman seems not to have had a long-standing home campaign from which to draw when preparing his series for publication. In certain areas, therefore, for the purposes of world-building and background, he drew heavily on the home campaign of his good friend and collaborator, Jeff Grubb.

This site, then, is devoted to uncovering the details of Grubb's home campaign and otherwise immortalizing his wit. Jeff Grubb has over the years written much for Dragonlance--most famously, his wonderful novels Lord Toede and Tymora's Luck. He has sporadically involved himself in online Dragonlance discussion groups, and in 2002 I began an occasional personal coorespondence with him. In 2003, an article from this site was printed in The Annotated Legends.

The crown jewel of this collection, however, is a 29-page typewritten document that Jeff sent me called The Matter of Theology. This is a lengthy exposition on the gods of his campaign, which were later destined to be ported over almost wholesale to the Dragonlance Saga and served as perhaps its most distinctive feature. In fact, this is the exact document that Grubb submitted to Hickman in the early stages of design, and served as the basis for all of its various, sometimes cryptic, references to the gods and creation!

I have prepared this document in PDF format, ensuring to the best of my ability that it be presented verbatim with the original document--save that I have corrected the most obvious of spelling and grammar errors, as Jeff requested. I have only added pagination (for ease of reference) and non-intrusive annotations (to help provide context for those not familiar with OD&D).



The Matter of Theology (c. 1976)
Jeff Grubb's monumental, seminal, OD&D Dragonlance writeup on Gods and Creation (PDF).
Songs about Gilean (10/02)
A worshipful song about the great Gilean. From the newsgroup.
Dragonlance Gods II (3/02)
Bonus! Yet more detail about the gods. From my private correspondence.
Dragonlance Gods (3/02)
I asked Jeff for information about the gods and he generously obliged with a wealth of information! From my private correspondence. Mirrored on the Dragonlance Nexus and now published in The Annotated Legends.
Lord Toede's High-Lordness (2/02)
Was Toede a Highlord? A Highmaster? From my private correspondence.
Interview (4/01)
An excellent interview. The origins of Dragonlance and much more. From the Dragonlance Nexus.
Pronouncing the gods' names (12/00)
Jeff's pronunciation guide for his original pantheon. From the newsgroup.
Worldbuilder (9/99)
An interview with Jeff Grubb about the early days of TSR and Dragonlance. From Legends of the Lance #6.
Dragonlance and the Multiverse (10/98)
What's the deal with Tymora's Luck? Jeff tries to set it straight, but not for the last time. From the newsgroup.
Opera: The Hidden Story (4/98)
What was Tracy's unpublished quote for Tymora's Luck? From the newsgroup.
Which DL character should be the president? (4/98)
From the newsgroup.
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