By Jeff Grubb

From private correspondence
February 6, 2002

Saw your note back from September (!) on Lord Toede being a High Lord (Yeah, I've been busy and have not had the chance to catch up on my net-browsing). I faced the problem that his Toedeness was a Highlord in one source, but that in another source (the wargame module), he was not (In addition, there was some question about whether a black or green dragonarmy was based out of Flotsam, but I dodged that particular issue).

As far as Highmaster/Not-Highmaster Toede, I gave Toedester a brief, brevet command. He was treated during this period as the commander of the army, but the title was for organizational needs as opposed to reality (and more important from Toede's viewpoint - status and pay). General Custer, for example, was not really a Major General at Little Bighorn, he was a Lt. Colonel - his generalship was a brevet command from the Civil War (And that's why some reports put his rank at one or the other).

Jeff G.

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