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The purpose of this site is to serve as an archive of significant and useful documents by members of afdl, the oldest Dragonlance community on the net. I have modeled it after such great sites of the past as Styx's, kinthalas's, and Granak's. This means that the FAQ is mirrored here, and the Product List too, as well as a lot of other spiffy stuff that's related to the newsgroup alt.fan.dragonlance.

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The Dragonlance FAQ
The latest Frequently Asked Questions file. By various members of alt.fan.dragonlance. A text-only version is here.
The Dragonlance Product List
The latest Dragonlance Product List file; as complete a list as has ever been seen. By various members of alt.fan.dragonlance.
Dragonlance Chronology
The latest Chronology of Dragonlance books and stories; as complete a list as has ever been seen; still in need of much updating. By various members of alt.fan.dragonlance. A novels-only version is here.
Tales of the Lance
The complete critique of the Tales of the Lance set. This is the key to understanding canon controversies. By Morten Brattbakk.
Monster List
The list of monsters compiled from a variety of sources. All of these monsters are found in one or more DL products. Compiled by kinthalas.
The latest version of the Dragonlance Calendar. Compiled by kinthalas.
Ever wondered what all those elven words meant? Here's the list that the newsgroup came up with after a moderate sized thread.
Gnomish Guilds
This is the list of gnomish guilds, put together from references in various books and other materials. "I'm not really sure what the use of this is, but if you ever wondered..." By kinthalas.
Margaret Weis at DragonCon
An interview that Margaret Weis did at the 1998 DragonCon. Assorted people from the newsgroup helped to put this together.
The Binary Notice
This is the notice that is sent to people who post images/sounds/movies or any other binary message on the group.
The Control Message
This is the control message that propogated afdl to the usenet servers. It's the birth certificate, if you will.
Hickman Bibliography
The D&D-related works of Tracy Hickman, including Dragonlance, Ravenloft, and Desert of Desolation.
Grubb Vault
Articles by, coorespondences with, and information on author Jeff Grubb, creator of the Dragonlance gods.

Wizards of the Coast
Dragonlance Books Official homepage for Dragonlance novels.
Fifth Age Comic Book A complete comic book introducing the Age of Mortals.
Dragonlance-L Archives and instructions on how to join the official Dragonlance Mailing List.
Out-of-print Downloads (pay) Download many out-of-print game products for $4.74 each.
Out-of-print Downloads (free) Download a handful of out-of-print game products for free.
Art Gallery: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Some Dragonlance art is available on their servers.
DLCS Art Gallery Many art clips from the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.
Dragonlance Poster Map
A large map of Ansalon.
Sovereign Press
Dragonlance Official Home page of the Dragonlance 3.5 Edition gaming line.
Sovereign Press
Info on the publishers of Dragonlance 3.5 Edition gaming line.
Tracy Raye Hickman The original creator of Krynn and one of the primary authors of Dragonlance novels and gaming materials.
Margaret Weis One of the primary authors of Dragonlance novels.
The Alliterates Homepage for many of the greatest Dragonlance authors, including Jeff Grubb, Douglas Niles, Don Perrin, J. Robert King, Steve Sullivan, and Steve Winter.
Nancy Varian Berberick Author of several Dragonlance novels.
Steven "Stan!" Brown Author of several Dragonlance gaming products and novels.
Jeff Crook Author of several Dragonlance novels.
Miranda Horner Editor and author of several Dragonlance gaming products.
Richard A. Knaak Another prominent Dragonlance novel author.
Steve Miller Author of several Dragonlance gaming products and novels.
Stephen D. Sullivan Author of a few Dragonlance novels.
Edo Van Belkom
Author of the novel Lord Soth.
Larry Elmore One of the original four Dragonlance artists and Dragonlance's all-time signature artist.
Jeff Easley One of the original four Dragonlance artists and the Fifth Age's signature artist.
Keith Parkinson One of the original four Dragonlance artists.
Clyde Caldwell One of the original four Dragonlance artists.
Gerald Brom A long-time Dragonlance artist.
Paul Jaquays An artist for several Dragonlance covers.
Todd Lockwood A newer Dragonlance artist.
Matt Stawicki
A newer Dragonlance artist and the Age of Mortals' signature artist.
alt.fan.dragonlance Archives Complete archives of the premiere online Dragonlance forum, the newsgroup.
Dragonlance Upcoming Products Craig J. Ries's up-to-date lists.
Dragonlance Underground The premiere Dragonlance humor site.
The Nexus Development of the Adlatum continent and collected homebrew gaming rules.

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