By Jeff Grubb and Tracy Raye Hickman

From alt.fan.dragonlance
April 25, 1998


Imagine my surprise that the use of the opera quotes in "Tymora's Luck" would kick off a firestorm of discussion, particularly since Raistlin's quote was one of the few that said something NICE about Opera.

A bit of explanation. When Kate and I started in on Tymora's Luck, we had the idea of being a big Wagnerian sort of to-do, very Sturm and Drang (Now I'll get letters for exploiting Sturm). I should say, very operetic. So we divided up the story much like an opera. Then, as a lark, we contacted all the other original creators for quotes by their characters on opera - Bob, Margaret, Ed, Elaine, Zeb, and Tracy (They're thanked in the book, but thanks again, folks). Rather than make up words for Raistlin, we went to the source and asked MARGARET for a bon mot from our gold-skinned friend.

Anyway, all the quotes were used but one. The editor thought one particular quote was not appropriate for either the Realms or Krynn. Tracy did it, and for the first time anywhere, I will reveal it - The Hickman-written Opera Quote, from our favorite forgetful wizard:

"There is no greater fan of Opera than I! Opera is insightful! Opera explores the human condition! Opera's weight has fluctuated from time to time, but I think that is all part of the fun of watching her. Opera is a powerful force in media. I never miss a show even if the subject is "My dwarven lover hates that I'm an Elf, on the next Opera!" Opera may be an acquired taste (just like chicken) but I'll be her fan so long as her ratings are still good."--Fizban the Fabulous

Have fun, guys.

Jeff G.

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