By Jeff Grubb

From private correspondence
March 29, 2002

So I did some digging last night in the files, and while I could not find my original documentation, I found a few bits to add to the list.

Yes, Habbakuk is Good Nature.
I confirmed that Chislev was my original druid god.
Hiddukel could be evil merchants, but more likely demons, demonologists and those that make deals with the devil. Its all very Faustian.

Draco Cerebus also went by the name Draco Cerebrint in my campaign (I think the name change came about because of the sudden appearance of a short, grey aardvark in the comics).

Morgion is known in my notes as Morgion of the Dark Brotherhood (What the Dark Brotherhood was beats the heck outa me). He had the cowl with glowing eyes before he went to DL, and the Red Skull image became a servant demon.

Unsure about Shinaré's descriptor officially being the Griffon God. Could have just been the Griffon or left off entirely. If/When I find the original notes I'll pass it along.

Morgion and Draco Cerebus were just patrons of evil. They had their own cultists. (Again, if I find the original notes I'll pass them along). Draco-Cerebus may have had the anti-paladin as followers, but that class came and left from my campaign several times. Morgion was a general good choice in my campaign for cultists.

Toridan's full name was Torallah Eruidan (Tor-AH-lah eh-ROO-i-Dahn).
In the pre Big-Wheel Cosmology, I used a hexgrid arrangement. Demons lived in a dimension known as Darkunder. Doug Niles later inverted the name in the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide to create the Underdark. Its opposite number was Overheaven.

Lastly, this doesn't have DL Bearing, but at the time before Monster Manual but AFTER the introduction of the dual alignment track, I had three other Demon-level outsider groups to occupy the corners of the alignment charts. There were, of course, six of each type. Devils (arranged by Color - ugh!), Saints of the Lawful Good, and Godlings. One of the latter was a Walrus-headed humanoid, that evenutally translated into the Thanoi (hmmm, so it DOES have bearing on DL.)

Jeff G.

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