By Jeff Grubb

December 5, 2000

Here's what they were in my original campaign - recognizing that pronounciation can evolve over time as well. (All Caps are stressed).

Paladine PAL-ah-dine
Majeré Mah-JER-ray
Kiri-Jolith Keer-ee-JOE-lith
Mishakal Meh-SHACK-cal
Habbakuk Hah-bah-COOK
Branchala Bran-CHAH-Lah
Solinari SOLE-eh-NAR-ee
Takhisis Tah-KEY-Sis
Sargonnas           Sar-GONE-Us
Morgion MORE-Guy-on (That's the french "Guy"- like "Gee" but with a hard g).
Chemosh CHEH-Mosh
Zeboim Zeh-BOW-im
Hiddukel HID-doo-kell
Nuitari NWEE-tar-ee (Yep, like the french for night)
Gilean GILL-ee-en (Hard "g" again, like in Morgion.)
Sirrion SEAR-ee-on
Reorx RAY-orcs
Chislev CHIZZ-lev
Zivilyn ZIV-ih-lin
Shinaré Shih-NAR-ay
Lunitari LOO-neh-TAR-ee

Gilead was originally Gilead, and changed as we moved through the book.Takhisis was Trace's name for the slot I had held for Tiamat (Draco Cerebus in my cosmology), and Paladine was originaly called Draco Paladine, the Platinum Dragon.

Jeff Grubb

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